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Americanism is an Old-World Cultist religion that believes that a group known as the founding fathers are gods.Their followers are scattered around the map, with some in the tribe of The Mouse,some in the duchy of Airmen, but most centered around Washington DC.

History Edit

Sometime after the Event, the people of post-Event America came upon the remnants of ancient monuments and great buildings honoring the presidents of Ancient America in addition to finding intact legendary texts of Ancient America such as the Constitution. Since these figures had so many monuments dedicated to them, the first Americanists naturally assumed that they must have been gods whom the Ancient Americans prayed to. Since Ancient America was so great, the first Americanists took up faith in the Founding Fathers using texts such the Constitution as holy articles and Ancient American monuments as temple sites. The Americanist faith then spread around and beyond the beltway of Washington D.C. The religion also spread in Florida, and developed around the great monument of Mount Rushmore. Later, the Americanists took their devotion to the Founding Fathers and Ancient America further by reforming the faith and establishing the new Presidency. The President became the new head of faith for the Americanists, and after the death of a President a new one was elected in a complex election process (see Mechanics). After the establishment of the Presidency, the Americanist faith had its ups and downs over the centuries leading up to 2666. This includes a lengthy rivalry that included several wars with the formerly pacifistic Deitsch people of Pennsylvania.

List of Presidents Edit

  1. Bannister Smithson is the first recorded Americanist President. The Beltway President presumably ruled from Washington. After ordering the death of the childless Kaynich Abram II of Deitscherei, bringing an end to Yoder dynasty, the Deitsch Anabaptists abandoned their pacifist ways as his successor Kaynich Samuel I Stoltzfus declared war on President Smithson. Was slain by Kaynich Samuel I in battle while defending his realm.
  2. Ned Pitchstone is the second recorded Americanist President and arguably one of the greatest Presidents of post-Event America. The Mountainer President Was elected after the violent death of President Smithson, and avenged his death in war against the Deitsch. Meanwhile, he built a large Americanist kingdom for himself back home in the Midwest and proclaimed himself the King of Laoktah.
  3. Stanislaus Avondale is the third recorded Americanist President. Not much is known of him, other than that he was the first President of the Chicagoan Avondale dynasty.
  4. Margaret Pitchstone is the fourth recorded Americanist President. Succeeded her father as the Americanist ruler of Lakotah, and was elected the first female President. However, in Lakotah she faced a Sioux resurgence and a number of Catholic holy wars which crumbled the kingdom after her death at the ripe old age of 88.
  5. Wyatt Kelleher is the fifth recorded Americanist President. During a war against the Deitsch, the Texan President died in battle against Kaynich Abram III of Deitscherei in 2474. After his death, the Presidency was vacant for over ten years until the election of President Barron.
  6. Hannibal Barron is the sixth recorded Americanist President. The Dixie President hailed from the lands of the Deep South ruled by the Holy Columbian Confederacy. Murdered on the orders of the Emperor Pompey of the HCC in 2501.
  7. Marcellus Danridge is the seventh recorded Americanist President. Not much is known about his Presidency, other than that he hailed from Southron lands.
  8. Ferguslav Avondale is the eighth recorded Americanist President. Not much is known of him, other than that he was the second President to hail from the wealthy and influential Chicagoan Avondale dynasty.
  9. Florence Tensaw is the ninth recorded Americanist President. The Gulfard President was the second female president.
  10. Whitelaw Stratton is the tenth recorded Americanist President. Not much is known of his Presidency, other than that he hailed from Hudsonian lands.
  11. Abigail Calvert is the eleventh recorded Americanist President. The Delawarean President was the third female President.
  12. Anatol Avondale is the twelfth recorded Americanist President. He was the third and last President of the wealthy and prestigious Chicagoan Avondale dynasty. Unfortunately, his Presidency was brought to a violent end when the Viking Albert Soady of Marquette sacked Chicago and killed Avondale and his family in a sacrifice to Odin, bringing an end to the dynasty.
  13. Aurel Heerestraat is the thirteenth recorded Americanist President. Not much is known about his Presidency, other than he hailed from Gothamite lands.
  14. Franklin Ironwrit is the fourteenth recorded Americanist President and current President as of 2666. President Ironwrit hails from the Beltway area, and in addition to the Presidency he also owns the Duchy of the Potomac and the County of Washington.

Holy Sites Edit

The Americanist Faith has five holy sites.

  • Washington: Site of the Ancient American capital and numerous monuments to the Founding Fathers. The residence of President Franklin as of the year 2666.
  • Mount Rushmore: Site of the Mount Rushmore, an Ancient American monument to four of the Ancient American presidents. Held by Americanists as of the year 2666.
  • Manhattan: Site of an important battle in the Ancient American Revolutionary War, a signing place for several of the Ancient American holy texts, and the center of an important and glorious Ancient American metropolis. In Americanist hands as of the year 2666, being held by the Americanist burghers of New York.
  • Philadelphia: Site of a vital meeting place for the Founding Fathers during the Ancient American Revolutionary War and a former Ancient American capital before the building of Washington. Many of the Ancient American holy texts were signed here, and the city is also home to the ancient holy Liberty Bell. Held by Americanists as of the year 2666.
  • Boston: Site of the Boston Massacre and the dock of the ancient holy ship of the USS Constitution. Important city in the early stages of the Ancient American Revolutionary War, as in addition to the Boston Massacre it was the setting of the Boston Tea Party, the Siege of Boston, and the starting point for Paul Revere's holy ride. Not in Americanist hands as of the year 2666, instead being held by tribal Occultist heathens.

Mechanics Edit

The Americanist religion has one unique mechanic: The Presidency.

The Presidency is a title that is given to a character who gets the most votes in an election among all Americanist characters. Characters from the religion,if certain conditions are met, run for president after the current president dies. They have one month to declare their presidency. The candidates can withdraw from the race at any time, however. Events increasing and decreasing popularity of the candidates can occur during the campaign season. After a few months,all Americanist characters get an event to vote for their desired candidate.

Heresies Edit

Heresies include:




Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Airmen
  • Delmarva
  • Ironwrit
  • The Mouse
  • Philadelphia
  • Piedmont
  • Pocomoke
  • Rushmore
  • Shenandoah
  • South Jersey
  • Steinhatchee
  • Three Necks
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