Bickertonite Latter Day Saints are the few remaining members of the LDS faith before 'The Event'. Not practicing polygamy and considering missionary work to be paramount are the only real differences between Bickertonite and Mormon teachings. They are loyal to the Prophet and place great importance on keeping the moral code of the scriptures and performing temple ordinances.

History Edit

In the early days of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, many members (especially men) were killed for their faith, leaving many women widowed and unable to support themselves. This led to polygamy being introduced in 1852 to take care of these women and preserve the faith. In 1890, the 'Bickertonite' faith was born when Prophet Woodrow Wilson gave a manifesto in which he stated that under divine inspiration, polygamy was to be outlawed and all still practicing would either divorce all but their first wife or be excommunicated. This rendered Mormon a heresy and Bickertonite the official practice of the LDS Church. Since 'The Event', many LDS members have reverted back to practicing polygamy for the same reasons as back in 1852.