Long ago, before the Event, there was a country called Brazil. While it's people lived on the coast, the vast majority of the country was covered in a thick, impenetrable jungle, filled with strange plants and beasts.

And now, the jungle stirs...

Pre-Invasion Edit

Refugees and Rumors Edit

Around the year 2850, Refugees from the far south will start flocking northwards, and will bring with them strange tidings. A fearsome empire has tamed the mighty Amazon, and is now on the warpath. It has conquered the kingdoms to it's south and west, and now looks to the North for further expansion. They use terrifying weapons and beasts to bring a single message to their enemies; Submit or die.

Arrival Edit

About a year later, the Brazilians will arrive en masse, and attack the Guyanas. Essequibo, Mazaruni, and Sipaliwini will be the first to fall. The Emperor has now laid claim to all lands between Venezuela and the Arctic.

The Invasion Edit

First Wave Edit

The Brazilians will now rain fire and blood upon the unsuspecting people of South America. They arrive with a force of 18 Army groups comprising of Infantry, Cavalry, and Horse Archers, with a total of just under 80,000 men. (30,141 LI/18,180 HI/19,800 LC/10,346 HC/1,260 HA)

The Infinite Army Edit

Soon after, the Brazilians will call in for reinforcements. Five groups will arrive with a number of around 22,500 men. (12,500 LI/5,000 HI/2,500 LC/1,665 HC/1,000 HA)

Post-Invasion Edit

Religion Edit

While Brazil initially adheres to a religion called Candomble, the invaders have a chance of converting to their invaded lands religion. Right now, there are only events for Falling Star and Sagrado Corazón. (There are other religions in South America, but as they are fairly new and not fleshed out very much, it's likely the devs have not gotten a chance to expand this yet.)