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The Brethren faith is a Pirate religion that is based off various sea myths and the famous practices of pirates in the Caribbean region during 16th-19th centuries, with their name derived from the historical Brethren of the Coast.

History Edit

With a strong tradition of seafaring and a reputation for robbery and murder, most call the Brethren pirates. This assessment is not far from the truth. Though the Brethren follow a Code of the Sea, they are loosely organized and live mostly to plunder riches from the weak. All of their gods have some link to the ocean, which they consider the source of all life and all wealth.

Location Edit

Brethren practitioners are not concentrated in one place, being scattered throughout the coastal islands of the Americas. However, Brethren realms are mainly concentrated around the Caribbean and in the area of Côte-Nord on the gulf of St. Lawrence. Meanwhile, an ocean away, the Brethren of the Channel Islands plunder the shores of California.

Holy Sites Edit

The Brethren faith has five holy sites, all located within the Caribbean region and derived from traditional pirate locales:

  • Mona, located in the province of Surrey.
  • New Providence, located in the province of New Providence.
  • Tortuga, located in the province of Le Cap.
  • Roatán, located in the provinces of Islas de la Bahia.
  • Chalmet, located in the province of Nouvelle-Orléans.

As of 2666, only the holy site of Roatán is held by a member of the Brethren faith. The rest are all held by lords of other faith, with many (Mona, New Providence, and Tortuga) under the lordship of the Rastafarian Caribbean Empire. Meanwhile, Chalmet is held by the Voodoo burghers of New Orleans.

Mechanics Edit

As the spiritual successor to the famous traditional pirates of the Caribbean, the Brethren have a number of unique mechanics and features:

  • Priests (Temple holders) can inherit titles.
  • Women May hold temple holdings.
  • Fairly weak rulers can Prepare Invasion
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers.
  • Rulers can raid infidel rulers for loot.
  • Brethren men can take up to three concubines.
  • Non-pagans (with low tech) have a very low Supply Limit in Brethren counties.
  • There is (and can exist) no religious head.

Pirate Life Edit

Pirate life event 1

Yarr, matey!

In addition, upon gaining a title Brethren rulers are eventually presented with an event which grants several traits aimed to represent the different focuses of pirate life. Alternatively, a ruler can choose an option which gives them a 50% chance of gaining many different traits each from focus.

Heresies Edit

There are no Brethren heresies.

Notable Characters Edit

Captain Jacquotte 'the Wolf' Gallant, Captain of Madeleine Islands

Captain Henry Morgan Axe, Captain of San Andrés

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Anticosti
  • Cozumel
  • Haute Côte-Nord
  • Madeleine
  • Outardes
  • Seminole
  • Sept-Îles
  • Tortuga