Long ago, before the legendary American Empire even existed, there was another, even more powerful nation; that of the Redcoats. After a bloody, horrific war, America drove out the Redcoats, never to set foot on the continent again.

Or so we thought...

The Signals Edit

Playing as a Lord of New England (or Connecticut) you will encounter many events related to the British.

Benevolent events Edit

The survivors Edit

A foreign ship sink with few surivors that join your court, normally in the number of 3 or 4, all British

Foreign scholars Edit

Sometimes your court will be visited by British scholars that ask you if they can stay at your court

Foreign traders Edit

British traders will visit your court asking the permission to trade in your lands. You can either:

  • Let them commerce
  • Set tariffs for them
  • Refuse

If you select one of the 2 first choices, a scholar will join your court

The Shipwreck Edit

The Lord is reported of a ship sunk near his lands. He can either

  • Loot the ship
  • Let the survivors join his court

If you choose the 2nd option, 2 Brits will join your court

The Warnings Edit

These two events precede the invasion. Normally this happens in the late game,150-200 years as of 0.7. In 0.8 the Dominion has been nerfed, so hopefully it will be enough.

The Old North Church Edit

Long ago, the Old North Church in Boston was the tallest religious structure in the city. It is still there, and on one particular night two lights can be seen glowing from the steeple. Is this some sort of sign?

This triggers the creation of the Redcoat Dominion, and it's leader, Havelock FitzSpatstone.

The Fleet Edit

Soon after the lights are lit, a gargantuan fleet arrives in Cape Cod, manned by soldiers decked with Red Coats. They tell you that they come to bring the world under the rule of "the one we call Queen, for human mouths cannot voice her true name."

This event marks the beginning of the true invasion, and the creation of dozens of new, British courtiers, to whom Havelock can grant land. This is programmed to happen in the year 2816.

The Invasion Edit

"An immense fleet of ships landed near Boston. Men came out from the ships, shouting the name of their far away queen saying to reclaim these lands in her name"

First Invasion Force Edit

The first invasion force is comprised of 19 army groups with 3 different compositions. There is one Primary group, with Infantry, Light Cavalry, and Knights. There are 6 secondary groups with Infantry, Light cavalry, and Archers. And there are 12 tertiary groups with Infantry and Archers only. In total, there are over 80,000 troops in the first wave alone. (21041 LI, 23150 HI, 29160 AR, 7097 LC, 1029 HC)

They will always land at or near Boston, overwhelming any nation that exists there (unless by some miracle, FitzSpatstone is captured.)

Reinforcements Edit

There is a second invasion force, as reinforcements for the first. Thankfully, this is only about a quarter of the original forces, with five identical groups of Heavy Infantry, Archers, Light Cavalry, and Knights. (7500 HI, 7500 AR, 2500 LC, 1665 HC)

The Minutemen Edit

The American People are not entirely defenseless, however. After 5 years of British occupation, American peasants will band together to form the Minutemen, an Americanist Holy Order.

Unfortunately, they are small. Incredibly small. They have only 1350 men total. They'd really only be effective after years of internal strife and a broken up Redcoat Dominion.

Afterwards... Edit

Sacking Edit

Further conquests of American cities will result in events notifying rulers of the cities that have been sacked; similar to the Mongols in Vanilla. These cities are:

  • Washington
  • Manhattan
  • Richmond
  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • St. Louis/New Rome
  • New Orleans
  • Denver
  • Mexico City
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Salt Lake City
  • Los Angeles

Religion Edit

After the invasion, there is a chance for the Redcoats to convert to an American religion. Usually, it will be High Church (from Canada), Catholicism, or Occultism (from New England). The first two will stop the British from sacrificing to their Thelemic Gods, while occultism really isn't that much of an improvement.