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Ceticism is a Pacific religion found in the area of de jure California. In essence, Ceticism is closer to a lifestyle than a true religion. Derived from the word Ascetic (meaning the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence), the followers of Ceticism hold the Celestial Emperor of California in the highest position making him the official head of the faith. He is expected to be well educated and to produce his own philosophical writings. Cetics also hold writings of religious figures (such as the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and Hubbard) in high regard, and tend to follow one as higher than the others.


Ceticism is as old as the Empire of California has existed, both being founded on May 5, 2421, by Emperor Elton "the Lawgiver" Yudkow. The Title of Celestial Emperor and head of the faith has been held by the Yudkow family ever since, with the Imperial Seat located in the city of Sacramento. The Empire stretches over five kingdoms: The Valley, San Francisco, Socal, Jefferson, and Baja.

Holy SitesEdit

Cetic Holy Sites tend to be important areas on the West Coast rather than having much religious importance, due to a lack of a single belief system.

  • Sacramento: The seat of Imperial Authority, nobles will come in droves seeking out Imperial favor.
  • San Francisco: The Capitol of the Kingdom of Gran Francisco, the city is the center of technology on the West Coast, more advanced than even Sacramento itself.
  • San Diego: The Capitol of the Kingdom of Socal.
  • Las Vegas: Located on the Eastern frontier of California, Las Vegas is independent of the Empire, instead ruling over the Duchy of the Pharaohs. Socal has de jure claims on the city.
  • Portland: While the City is not part of the Empire, it has been a target of Imperial ambitions since it's founding, and is a very important presence on the West Coast.


As long as the Empire of California exists, the Emperor will always be the religious head, no matter what others titles he/she holds, where their capitol is, or what dynasty they are a part of. If the Empire is destroyed, there will be no religious head until it is reformed. The Empire at 2666 is a very delicate thing. It consists of only the Imperial Capitol, Sacramento. If an outside force (whether a Californian King or another invader) captures the city and is not of the Imperial dynasty, the Empire will be destroyed, and the Cetic faith will lose its head and 30 moral authority. This can be avoided if the conqueror in question has a high diplomacy or learning skill.

The Emperor is expected to author philosophical writings at least once. The entire religion benefits with good writings, even getting a boost to moral authority. If, however, the Emperor produces bad writings, moral authority will suffer, and the Emperor may even resign to prevent further embarrassment on himself, his family, and the entire Empire. No pressure! All Cetics follow one of four "ways", or teachings from various religious figures. The Way of the Dove primarily follows the peaceful teachings of Jesus Christ. The Way of the Fist is more militarily minded, following the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. The Way of the Book focuses more on the pursuit of knowledge, inspired by the Buddha. The Way of the Cowl is typically more Cloak and Dagger, following the teachings of Hubbard (And yes. It is that Hubbard).

Lords may visit the Imperial Capitol in an attempt to gain Imperial favor. Generally, if a lord has imperial favor, the Emperor is more likely to sanction claims on other lords for him or her. If war is declared on the Empire, the Emperor may call not only his own vassals, but any independent Cetic lord. The lord has an option of refusing, but will suffer a piety penalty. If the Emperor has enough land, prestige, piety, and Crown Authority, he may also Restore the Imperial Crown, removing the "Figurehead" trait, then increasing his prestige and making his vassals more likely to follow him.


There are no Cetic heresies.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Baja
  • Gem Canyon
  • Gran Francisco
  • Jefferson
  • Socal

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