Charismaticism is an Evangelical heresy which is portrayed as being a middle ground between Christianity and Revelationism. Like Revelationists, Charismatics emphasize upon the miracles and wonders depicted in Christian texts. Unlike Revelationists, Charismatics still believe in the non-miraculous aspects of Christianity and believe that miracles are simply the representation of gifts by the Holy Spirit that can be attained by baptism and strong faith. As of 2666, Charismatics make up a majority of the population of Southern Appalachia.

In-Game Description Edit

Charismatics are not known as such because of their charm, but rather their belief in 'charismata', gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in miracles and signs that can be endowed simply by baptism and faith in the Holy Spirit. Such wonders include the ability to speak in tongues, miraculous healing of the cripples, gifts of prophecy and more events often considered 'supernatural'.

Mechanics Edit

Charismaticism has no special mechanics other than female temple holders and the inability to retire to a monastery. It has no head of faith and has the same holy sites as mainstream Evangelicalism.

Realms At Start of Game Edit

  • Bluegrass
  • Blue Ridge
  • Cincy
  • Clinch
  • Cumberland
  • East Tennessee
  • Watauga