Best friend or fiercest enemy of Hudsonia, Deitscherei is easy to underestimate, but normally they end up being a very hard foe

History Edit

Founded by Kaynich Lorenz Yoder in 2282, Deitscherei was founded on the Anabaptist faith, a peaceful christian cult that is based around non-violence. But in 2336, Kaynich Abram II was assasinated by the orders of President Barrister Smithson, putting an end to both House Yoder and the non-violence doctrine of the Anabaptist faith. The Americanist-Anabaptist wars will rage for the centuries to come with the Deitsch army under the banner of House Stoltzfus. Kaynich Samuel I avenged his predecessor in battle in 2378 and the massacre will stop only in 2474 when Abram III executed President Wyatt Kelleher, ending with the victory of Deitscherei and a period of trouble for the presidency.

Geography Edit

Deitscherei is located in the north region, bordering to the north with its only rival Hudsonia, to the east with the Republic of New York and other Americanist kingdoms, to the south with the Americanist hearthland, the Maryland, and to the west with Rust Cultists.

Power Edit

Deitscherei starts out with normally 5k men, wich exposes him to Hudsonia, then there is the fact that Deitscherei is not a de-jure kingdom, so it cannot claim de jure West Susquehanna, but with a tiny bit of work it will be able to match Hudsonia

Religion Edit

Deitscherei starts as anabaptist, but it has an atomicist vassal and holy site. It sometimes happens that the vassall in question will manage to convert his king, unlocking the "Holy War" casus belli. This opens a completely different chapter in Hudsonia-Deitscherei relations, as Deitscherei is able to attack Hudsonia to take a duchy at the time. This is quite the temptation for any player, and if Hudsonia makes a wrong move even AI Deitscherei will step in and start an hegemony.

Politics Edit

As the history would suggest, Deitscherei should focus on bringing doom upon the Americanists, but no. It will ignore them until the Duchy of Piedmont forms a mighty Old Dominion and marches north against House Stoltzfus. They will ignore completely the Republic of New York and even the rust cultists to the west. They only want 2 things: West Susquehanna and Hudsonia. The purpose of the Deitsch AI is to get stronger just to kick Hudsonia's butt, or to backstab him. This means that everyone else in the region is practically free to expand, or to seize the risky opportunity to take lands from the 2 giants while they are fighting each other. You can forget holy wars though, they will simultenously jump at your throat in seconds.