True flagbearer of the Mormon faith, Deseret has the task to spread the book of Mormon across America

History Edit

The Mormon faith originated in early XIX century, by a man called Joseph Smith. In 1844 they left the United States, under the leadership of Brigham Young, the Mormons (or the Latter days Saints as their primary branch is called) relocated to Utah, establishing the city of Salt Lake City, which is currently the world headquarters of the Mormon faith.

Geography Edit

Deseret starts in an ideal place, with a big wasteland separating it from Death Valley and from the other Cetic rulers to the west. To the east, there are several tribes in the Coloradan canyons (beware them, the movement speed is extremely low even for friendly armies, 5k men could march for 1 month before reaching an adjacent county). To the North, Various Gaian tribes struggle for dominance, and to the South lies the Duchy of Diné Bikéyah (or Navajoland)

Power Edit

Deseret starts with a very old and heirless king, even though he should manage to get an heir, he will always leave a regency council after his departure. Deseret is quite weak for being a kingdom rank, fielding roughly 2k-3k men at the beginning. Luckily for him, many layers of natural and political walls stand between him and the real threats.

Religion Edit

The Mormons aren't a widespread religion and the only relevant realm that stands between the Mormons and the other religions is Deseret itself. In case of Holy war, only a handful of irrelevant tribes will move in your aid, while the surroundings are dominated by Neo-Gnostics and Atomicists. It's matter of time until the Gaians and the Cetics break in forcing the fragile layer of tribes between you and the outside world. Holy sites outside of the Deseret/Rocky Mountains region are referenced as location the faith lived in during their trek to Utah.

Politics Edit

Deseret has a great feeding chance, but the king has way too little land compared to its vassals. Intrigue focus is essential. The kingdom normally manages to survive, by annexing the nearby tribes or vassalizing them. A serious threat though it's the arrival of the Cetics and of the Gaians. The Kings of Jefferson and Socal will expand, and the easiest way to do that is annexing the tribes that separates you from them, Jefferson from the North-west while Socal from the south-west. The kingdom of Arixo, to the south, is likely to form and the Gaian tribes are always stronger than the ones that borders you. Internal problems are also a reality to face, with Council President most of the time plotting behind your back alongside with your only duke.