Republic of Detroit
D detroit
Coat of Arms
R detroit
Location in the Midwest/Michigan
Vital statistics
Type Rust Cultist Merchant Republic
Level Duchy
Location Midwest/Michigan
Inhabitants Unknown
The Republic of Detroit is a Rust Cultist merchant republic in the Midwestern area of Michigan at the present day site of the city of Detroit and outlying areas. As of July 4th, 2666, it is led by Overseer Coleman the Liberator, who seized Detroit from Ursuline ruler Duke Jacques Castel in 2613. Castel's children all have a strong claim on the duchy. Its capital is Detroit (118).

First Glance Edit

Detroit is led by a skilled patrician with control of the non-capital provinces and relatively soft tribal enemies all around; however, all of her Michigan-side enemies are fellow Rust Cultists, slowing her expansion outside of the initial Duchy of Detroit. In addition, Detroit is a common attack vector for the Kingdom of Ontario, and her control of the Province of Essex will be a frequent bone of contention. Nevertheless, Detroit can easily become an economic titan; her only trading competition is Superior, stuck in the Norse Thunderdome to the east, and she has easier access to the trade route of Lake Michigan.

Strategy Edit

Detroit's strategy, like that of OG Venice, largely depends on the moves her neighbors make. Take advantage of your early claims on the rest of Detroit proper, held by the Geeyem Tribe, but keep a wary eye to the east. Once you have run out of initial claims, start making new ones as targets of opportunity appear--your objective is the Kingdom of Michigan. Keep one eye on the Canadians and another on the Norse to the north--if they cross over you'll have to deal with them and preferably NOT with the Holy War CB, as every Norseman in reach will gladly jump in on such a war. Indiana to the south can also be a problem, but that depends on your fellow Michiganders. Never forget, however, that you have the gold, and gold rules the world!