There are many who think that California is the last civilization to see in the west. That, after the shore lies an endless ocean. Yet, every now and again, a stranger washes up ashore. They look similar to those in the Duchy of Kern, or the southern tip of Baja.

And they tell of a God beyond the sea, and the Great Black Ships

Pre-Invasion Edit

Visitors Edit

On the west coast of America, it is possible for Edokko merchants to arrive, or survivors of shipwrecks found. Unlike Ozlanders, Kinh, Singaporeans, or Hawaiians though, someone else will follow them here.

Colonization Edit

The Black Ships Edit

Unlike the British or Brazilian Invasions, the Edokko give no warning before thousands of samurai are offloaded from four massive, black ships. They will, however, only invade a single duchy at once, and become a Merchant Republic on success.

Also unlike invaders, the colonists come with relatively few troops; Only 3.75K, comprising of Infantry, Cavalry, Pikemen, Archers, and Horse Archers. (750 LI/450 HI/600 LC/450 HC/600 P/750 A/150 HA)

Japanese Victory Edit

If the Japanese succeed over the Americans, they will get the targeted duchy (decided before war is declared), form an empire, gain 6,000 tech points (2,000 of each), and get 5,000 gold for each patrician to set up their trade empire.