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Evangelicalism is a Christian religion that was formed from the merging of several different Protestant denominations in the former United States. It is the majority religion of the old Deep South and the state religion of the Holy Columbian Confederacy, with the faith mostly found within its borders.

History Edit

The Evangelical Church is what remains of antediluvian Protestantism. In the face of post-deluge upheavals, the Protestant churches banded together, putting aside minor theological differences in favor of establishing an Evangelical Convention of Churches presided over by an ecumenical council of bishops.

Holy Sites Edit

Evangelicalism has five holy sites.

  • Atlanta
  • Augusta
  • Chapel Hill
  • Washington
  • Philadelphia

Atlanta, Augusta, and Chapel Hill are in Evangelical hands, while Washington and Philadelphia are ruled by Americanists as of 2666.

Ecumenical Council Edit

When the ecumenical council of bishops first convened, there was originally five seats for the major Presiding Bishops who attended. They were the Presiding Bishops of Atlanta, Washington, St. Louis, Chicago, and Chapel Hill. As of 2666, only two of the seats (Chapel Hill and Atlanta) are filled. The remaining seats still have the authority of a Presiding Bishop delegated to them, but are not filled.

Mechanics Edit

Evangelicalism has a few key differences and special features which makes it unique from other Christian religions.

  • Headed by a Council President, who resides in Atlanta. Current Council President as of 2666 is Council President Sheridan Ellingborn, who also serves as the court chaplain of the HCC.
  • Autocephaly. Religious power is delegated to lesser regional Presiding Bishops.
  • Members of the faith can not be excommunicated.
  • The head of faith can grant divorces.
  • The head of faith can not call crusades.
  • Priests can marry.

Heresies Edit

Evangelical has a few heresies:

High Church



Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Bismarck
  • Chesapeake
  • Choctaw
  • Finger Lakes
  • The Holy Columbian Confederacy
  • Muskogee
  • Natchez
  • Oktibbeha
  • Osceola
  • Southside
  • Vicksburg
  • Yazoo