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The Falling Star faith is a Christian religion championed by the Miskito people in the post-Event world. As of 2666, It is found along the eastern coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua mainly in the Kingdom of Moskitia. The religion is mainly derived from the practices of the antediluvian Moravian Church mixed with local Miskito animism.

History Edit

The Christianization of the Miskito people occurred ages ago in the imperial period of the antediluvian world. According to the detailed records of the Moskitian monarchy, the ancient kings of Moskitia were first evangelized by members of the Protestant Moravian Church from Old Europe. Following the royal family's conversion, the people of Moskitia readily adopted the religion. Later, other Protestant denominations along with the Catholic Church also took root along the Mosquito Coast, but the Moravian Church maintained its dominance in the region. Still, despite their Christianization, the Moskito people held on to many animist indigenous traditions such as belief in divine dreams, strange omens, a fascination with the moon, and the concept of an impersonal 'Father' figure.

After the Event, the Moskito people reformed the great Moskitian Kingdom and spread out across old Nicaragua and Honduras. With them, they brought their unique Christian faith. While remaining steadfast to traditional Christian doctrines derived from the Moravian Church, the Moskitian form of Christianity also incorporated several indigenous aspects into its teachings. Called 'Falling Star' after the traditional Moravian Star and the Moskitian theory of falling satellites and missiles during the Event, the religion became the chosen faith of the new Moskitian kings.

Holy Sites Edit

The Falling Star faith has five holy sites:

  • Santa Ana
  • Ramas
  • Ahuas
  • Suchiapa
  • Dangriga

As of 2666, only two of the holy sites (Ramas and Ahuas) are within the lands of the Falling Star faithful. Meanwhile, Santa Ana in San Salvador is held by Sagrado Corazon adherents, Suchiapa in Textla Gutierrez is held by a member of the Uahomche faith, and Dangriga in Dzuluinicob is held by Rastafarians under the banner of the Caribbean Empire.

Mechanics Edit

Unfortunately, the Falling Star faith has no notable unique mechanics in-game but does have two general features:

  • Fleets can navigate major rivers.
  • There is no religious head.

Heresies Edit

The Falling Star faith has no heresies.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Matagalpa
  • Moskitia
  • Tegucigalpa