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Unknown: The Event occurs, causing the general collapse of society and a return to medieval technological levels.

7/4/2100: Abraham, the first Pope in New Rome, is elected to the Papacy by a makeshift conclave of American bishops.

1/1/2282: The Kingdom of Deitscherei is formed by Kaynich Lorenz Yoder.

1/1/2304: Aggripine the Maid is elected to the Papacy and the Ursuline See, with the two splitting into their respective institutions following her death.

1/1/2321: Ned Pitchstone forms the Americanist Kingdom of Lakotah in the northern Great Plains.

1/1/2325: Vincent Mahonic unites New England into a single kingdom, and expands his realm through brute strength from Buffalo to New Brunswick.

1/1/2336: Kaynich Abram II Yoder, last Yoder king of Deitscherei, is murdered on the orders of President Bannister Smithson of the Americanists, starting the Deitsch-Americanist Wars.

1/1/2342: The Kingdom of Moskitia is re-formed by King Newman Sulley.

1/1/2360: King Vincent Mahonic of New England is assassinated by his enemies, and is succeeded by his son King Keziah Mahonic.

1/2/2361: The Holy Columbian Confederacy is formed by Emperor Leonidas I Royall.

1/1/2381: The Kingdom of Hudsonia is united by King Elias Rodham, originally from New York, after defeating King Keziah Mahonic of New England and taking back the region from Occultist control.

7/2/2378: President Bannister Smithson is killed in battle by Kaynich Samuel I Stoltzfus of Deitscherei. King Ned Pitchstone of Lakotah is elected as Smithson's successor.

10/2/2389: President Ned Pitchstone dies of a natural death, and is succeeded by his daughter Margaret as Queen of Lakotah and by Stanislaus Avondale as President.

4/5/2420: President Stanislaus Avondale dies of natural causes, and is succeeded to the Presidency by Queen Margaret Pitchstone of Lakotah.

5/5/2421: The Celestial Empire of California is formed by Emperor Elton I 'the Lawgiver' Yudkow.

8/8/2453: President Margaret Pitchstone dies of natural causes, and the Kingdom of Lakotah ceases to exist as the Sioux overrun its former territory. She is succeeded to the Presidency by Wyatt Kelleher.

1/1/2459: New Brunswick and Miramichi break away from the Kingdom of New England and join with the Duchy of Nova Scotia and Edwards Island into the Kingdom of the Maritimes.

1/5/2459: After learning of the secession of his eastern territories, King Zadok Mahonic of New England assembles a large horde of Occultist warriors to take back lost New English lands. King Zadok Mahonic declares war on King Norton Rodham of Hudsonia, and proceeds to march on Hudsonia with his horde.

3/5/2459: Occultist horde clashes with Hudsonian defenders at the Battle of Sarasota Springs. Occultist forces are decimated in the fighting, and King Zadok Mahonic of New England is slain in battle. Both the war and battle end with a decisive Hudsonian victory.

4/14/2474: With the execution of President Wyatt Kelleher by Kaynich Abram III Stoltzfus of Deitcherei, the Deitsch-Americanist Wars come to a close with a victory for the Deitsch. The Presidency remains vacant for over 30 years, until the election of President Hannibal Baron.

5/15/2499: Start of the Haida Invasions; King Yahl Gwaawaas of the Haida Kingdom comes to power and invades the Canuck realms of the Pacific Coast. These realms would later be subjugated and assimilated by the Haida.

1/1/2500: The Kingdom of New England, leaderless and defeated after the end of the Mahonics, finally ceases to be a sovereign state and collapses into dozens of warring Occultist tribes.

8/13/2501: President Hannibal Baron is murdered on the orders of Emperor Pompey of the Holy Columbian Confederacy at his court in the Deep South, causing animosity between the Americanists and the Evangelicals for centuries to come. He is succeed to the Presidency by Marcellus Danridge of Virginia.

1/1/2546: The Kingdom of Comancheria is formed by King Pahayoko Nakona.

12/1/2559: Emperor Elton III of California dies a natural death, marking the end of the great Yudkow emperors. He is succeeded by his son Emperor Hatch 'the Lame'.

1/7/2568: The Kingdom of Quebec is formed by Queen Veronique Castel, uniting the realms of French Canada.

8/1/2575: The Kingdom of Baja, being located farthest away from the Imperial court in Sacramento, declares its independence under King Esteban del Caballero from the Celestial Empire of California, becoming the first Californian realm to successfully do so.

1/1/2598: Viking Albert Soady forms the Kingdom of Superior in the upper Midwest, uniting the Norse jarldoms.

4/15/2598: The Kingdom of Louisiana is formed by King Louis 'the Conqueror' Creaux, who expands the Voodoo realm beyond the borders of L'Acadiane into the Catholic lands of the north and west.

1/1/2599: King Moses 'the Apostle' Nakona of Comancheria comes to power and, during his rule, Comancheria is converted to Catholicism.

4/9/2620: The Caribbean Empire is formed by Marquise Portia of Jamaica, who thereafter is known as Empress Portia of the Caribbean Empire, uniting the realms of the Antilles.

5/5/2622: The Kingdoms of Jefferson, Socal, and The Valley secede from the Celestial Empire of California as independent states, greatly weakening the authority of the Emperor.

12/5/2627: Due to revolts and heathen invasions, the Kingdom of Quebec breaks up into several independent states.

6/21/2628: Chicago is sacked by King Albert Soady of Superior. Chicagoan President Anatol Avondale and his family are offered up to the Gods in sacrifice by the Norse king.

12/5/2629: Veronique Castel, former Queen of Quebec, dies a natural death.

1/3/2632: The Kingdom of Gran Franscisco under King Goldin Moore secedes from the Celestial Empire of California as an independent state, being the last Californian kingdom to do so. The Emperor of California is left with the Imperial domain of Sacramento, where his power barely extends beyond the palace walls.

12/1/2637: Emperor Chad 'the Boneless' of California dies of natural causes, and is succeeded to the Celestial Empire by his son Emperor Elton IV.

3/2/2641: Coleman 'the Liberator' Kirkpatrick orders the murder of Duke Jacques of Detroit and overthrows his Ursuline overlords, creating a new Rust Cultist republic with him as Overseer.

10/24/2656: King Albert Soady of Superior dies a natural death, and his realms fragments into several different warring Norse realms.

1/1/2660: The Tribe of the Mouse, in veneration of the ancient Americanist icon Walt Disney, rises up in the Americanist vestige of Central Florida under High Chief Elias Waltney.

7/4/2666: Game start.

Notable events during gameplayEdit

Rise of Consumerism

British Invasion

Brazilian Invasion

Eddoko Colonization

Russian Colonization