Mighty kingdom of the north, always competing with Deitscherei for the hegemony

History Edit

Originally the land known as Hudsonia was controlled by the Mahonic kings of New England. Worried by the Occultists hordes, the patricians of New York agreed to fund an expedition in the north, following the river Hudson. In 2381 the Anabaptist Elias Rodham was charged with this difficult task, and ventured north. King Keziah Mahonic met Elias in battle but was slain, and thus the Kingdom of Hudsonia was born. In 2459, King Zadek Mahonic learned of the secession of yet another eastern territory, so he gathered a mighty horde against King Norton of Hudsonia. The armies clashed the 5th of May 2459 at Sarasota Springs, resulting in a decisive victory of House Rodham and the death of Zadek Mahonic. Vincent Mahonic, his son, enfuriated for the death of his father, gathered what is said to be the largest army New England has ever seen, just to meet the same fate, resulting in the dissolution of New England. The last Queen of the Rodham House married patrilineally with Baltus Groot, ending her house with the Groots ascending to power.

Geography Edit

The kingdom is almost at the extreme north, with only Ontario being north of the kingdom. In the west there are only rust cultists and the Niagara falls, while the Hudson river in the east separates the kingdom from the tribes left by the dissolution of New England and the Duchy of Connecticut, except for the three counties bordering Connecticut on the eastern side of the river. South of the kingdom we found the Grand Republic of New York, always left untouched by the Hudsonian Lords for having supported Elias Rodham, and the great friend-rival Deitscherei, only realm in the area able to compete with them. The Hudson river separates the kingdom in a Northern and a Southern part, with Albany being at the confluence of its branches.

Power Edit

Normally Hudsonia is able to field more than 5k men, making it a very difficult enemy. Its Dukes are also capable of fielding roughly 3k men, resulting that a Gavelkind succession doesn't destroy the kigndom's military might, even after numerous generations.

Politics Edit

Hudsonia is able to destroy every one in the area with ease, with only Deitscherei being able to stand against it. The fact that Anabaptists don't view religion as a reasonable casus belli makes life in the region less frustrating for players. It's unclear though the relation between Hudsonia and Deitscherei. If you declare Holy war on one of them, the other one will come in aid, but the rise of a third kingdom in the region is very easy as the other 2 are battling each other. In particular, the reason of the conflicts always appears to be the indipendent duchy of West Susquehanna, contested by the 2 kings. If the Groots are not fighting south, you'll find them feeding themselves with Ontario, before returning fighting Deitscherei or, even worse, allying them. In some cases you will find one of the two dinasties ruling both kingdoms, and often they will marry each other. Not less interesting is the almost complete lack of attention for New York and generally the Americanists, as well for the remains of the Occultists. Of course if y'all are so lucky to not find any Consumerist scum in the region.