The Jeffersonian sect is a heresy of Americanism which believes that all of Ancient America was blessed and should be revered and claimed in the name of the Ancient American gods.

In-Game Description Edit

The old legends speak not of just Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, but also of the farmers, the soldiers, and all the common men of the Old World. As widespread as the statues of the Founders are, are there not statues of the common infantryman in many old towns? What of the farmers and the grand grange halls they established? Jeffersonians hold that the Americanist gods of the old world were just a few of many, and that the entire nation of ancient America was home to gods. All the land was blessed by the gods, therefore, and thus all the land must be reclaimed by the true faith!

Mechanics Edit

While the Jeffersonian sect has no special mechanics of its own, Jeffersonian leaders are programmed to be slightly more aggressive due to their belief that all of the land is holy and should be reclaimed in the name of the Ancient American gods.

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