Kingdom in the Midwest, Lakotah has plenty of room for easy expansion but with powerful kingdoms in the south

History Edit

Founded in the far 2321 by Ned Pitchstone, the Kingdom of Lakotah was one of the mightiest Americanist kingdoms in America, especially when Ned became President in 2379, following Bannister Smithson, slain in battle by Kaynich Samuel I Stoltzfus of Deitscherei. When he died, the crown passed to her daughter Margaret in 2389, who will be also president in 2420. After her demise in 2453 the kingdom was overrun by Sioux invaders, leaving the survivors of House Pitchstone only the County of Mt. Rushmore.

Geography Edit

Lakotah is surrounded by disorganized tribes and hordes that cannot form a valid resistance. But to the south, Platte and Iowa stand in its way, usually allying themselves. A major river signs half of the border with Platte. The entire kingdom is filled by rivers.

Politics Edit

Inside of Lakotah, there are still tribes and nomads who obviously represent a problem for the initial levy the kingdom can field. AI Lakotah also tends to not take advantage of its neighbours, thing that normally proves fatal on the long run, given that Platte and Iowa tend to ally each other and will represent a mortal threat. The Catholics in general are the doom of Lakotah: the Pope, just after Louisiane, reserve a place for Lakotah as well, and if either Platte or Iowa join in it's the end for the kingdom once more.