The kingdom of Louisiane is the sword of the Voodoo faith with the merchant republic of New Orleans being its bank

Geography Edit

The kingdom is in the south, bordering to the north several catholic,revelationists and evangelical kingdoms, with a catholic majority to the west, to the east the fellow Voodoo Republic of New Orleans and to the south the Gulf of Mexico. Several Brethren pirates are present in the region, so watch for the coast.

Power Edit

Louisiane can be quite powerful, but the Caribbean Empire and the Holy Columbian Confederacy are right by the corner. Luckily enough, their internal problems are way too severe to let them care about Louisiane. The mentioned kings to the north often don't field more than 3k men, while Louisiane can raise 5k, making them excellent territory to conquer for the kingdom.

Politics Edit

Despite the fact that the Confederacy and the Empire look scary, they never get to cause Louisiane's downfall. In fact, the greatest life threat of the kingdom aren't the two big and mighty empires, but the far away Pope. Normally the kingdom has only 20/30 years to prepare for the crusade, and in the vast majority of the cases it's the first one in line, as the Pope's reach as been dimnished in 0.8 and Ohio no longer exists at the start. Unless the consumerist rise happens in the midwest early enough to be considered by His Holyness, Louisiane will have to fight the might of the armies of Christianity, challenge that the AI lose quite often.