The Ghost Dance is the traditional belief system of the Northern Plains Indians, and holds to the belief that ritual dances can reunite the living with the dead, and having the dead fight on the behalf of the faithful, forcing white men to leave, and bringing peace and prosperity to the Native Americans.

History Edit

The Ghost Dance movement began around 1890, at the height of American oppression against Native Americans. Originating among the Nevada Paiute tribes, the movement quickly gained momentum, and spread from California to Oklahoma. After the Massacre at Wounded Knee, the movement went underground, being practiced in secret.

After the Event, natives in the Great Plains area began practicing their faith openly once more. While at first, it was limited to small tribes, the Sioux resurgence that toppled the Americanist realm of Lakota quickly adopted the faith, spreading it across the Kingdom.

Holy Sites Edit

Nanissáanah holy sites are set at culturally significant cities and tribes.

  • Porcupine: Also known as Pine Ridge, or Wazi Ahanghang, the area saw the last battles of the Indian Wars, and was the dying place of Crazy Horse.
  • Rushmore: Also known as Paha Sapa to the Sioux, the area is most famous for the giant carved heads of four American presidents.
  • Black Hills: Known as He Sapa to the Sioux, the region was hotly contested until the defeat of the Lakota tribes.
  • Big Horn: Site of the legendary Battle of Little Bighorn, the region marks one of the greatest Native victories against the United States.
  • Crater: Crater Lake is the site of an ancient battle between Earth and Sky, destroying a mountain and forming the lake.

Mechanics Edit

There is and can exist no religious head of the Nanissáanah faith. Smaller rulers can prepare invasions. Lords can use various herbs to aid them on a vision quest.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Atikaki
  • Crow
  • Fallon Prairie
  • Foothills
  • Keeseckoowanin
  • Kenora
  • Koocanusa
  • Lakotah
  • Marias
  • Milk River
  • Ochapoace
  • Peck Lake
  • Piapot
  • Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan River
  • West Turtle Mountain