Neo-Gnosticism is a Catholic heresy that is a fusion of Catholic Christianity and teachings from the Californian Cetic religion. Neo-Gnostics are found primarily in the Area in and around Colorado.

In-Game Description Edit

Neo-Gnostism (re)emerged in Colorado as a syncretic faith combining teachings coming from the the Cetic west and the Catholic east. Neo-Gnostics have amalgamated the belief in the Christian God with the rejection of the material world often found in Cetic schools of thought. They believe that Salvation can be found in worship of Christ and that they can find Enlightment through his teachings. Gnostics see material processions and desires as secondary to Oneness with God. They reject the material world (matter, flesh) as being the work of Satan and seek to embrace the “Gnosis” of God (knowledge, enlightenment, salvation). They are considered a Catholic heresy owing to their agreement with the Catholic understanding of God and the Saints, while dismissing the teachings of most Cetic Gurus.

Holy Sites Edit

Neo-Gnostics have share their holy sites with the mainstream Catholic religion.

Mechanics Edit

Neo-Gnostics do not have many unique features. Unique features include:

  • No formal religious head.
  • Characters may have ambitions to remove vices

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Boulder
  • Denver
  • Mesa Verde
  • Pueblo
  • Wyoming
  • Yampa