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The Neomayan faith is a Mesoamerican religion that is a mix of traditional Mayan religion and concepts from other religions that found their way to the Yucatan. It is found scattered throughout the Yucatan peninsula.

History Edit

Simply put, Neomayan is a peculiar mix of Mayan and other religions. Formed in the wake of the Event, it is essentially a mutant form of the Mayan traditions caused by an influx of neopagans, hippies, alien watchers and others who flocked to the Mayan ruins (such as Chichen Itza) in the hopes of better understanding or surviving the apocalypse. No great secrets were revealed or spiritual shifts occurred, but their descendents lived on and absorbed the local faiths while sharing their own New Age guidebooks, crystals and broad knowledge of leylines and universal consciousness.

Deities Edit

The chief god is Hunab Ku, a monotheistic deity invented by Spanish colonialists in the early conquest in order to weaken Mayan resistance, later taken up in popular culture. In addition, other gods, demons, angels and systems feature in the Neomayan faith.

Holy Sites Edit

The Neomayan faith has five holy sites, which it shares with the Uahomche religion.:

  • Santa Ana, located in the county of San Salvador.
  • Chan, located in the county of Chan Santa Cruz.
  • Reforma, located in the county of Carmen.
  • Yaxunah, located in the county of Chichén Itzá.
  • Paxcaman, located in the county of Nojpetén.

As of 2666, two of the holy sites (Reforma and Yaxunah) are completely under the control of the Neomayan faithful. Meanwhile, two of the other holy sites (Chan and Paxcaman) are under the control of Uamoche lords although they are located within the realm of the Neomayan king of Yucatan. Finally, the holy site of Santa Ana is under the control of the priests of the Sagrado Corazón.

Mechanics Edit

The Neomayan faith has two general features in-game:

  • Fleets can navigate major rivers.
  • There is no religious head.

Heresies Edit

There is no Neomayan heresies, though it and the Uahomche religion are similarly derived from the ancient Mayan belief system.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Yucatán
  • Lacandón