Occultists are a group of pagans, generally considered by most to be unholy demon-worshipers. They are divided into three sects of worship; Elder Lore, Masonic Lore, and Lore of the Diabolical Pact. They are for the most part centered in New England with enclaves in Northern New Brunswick, parts of Cote Nord, and in Northern Alabama and Mississippi.

History Edit

The Occultist beliefs are formed from the few pieces of "Ancient Lore" that survived the Event, most likely including works by authors such as H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King. Their settings in New England are most likely responsible for the current predominance in the area (with a few who migrated further south, forming the Snowbirds).

Holy Sites Edit

Holy Sites include settings from some of the Holy Texts and areas pertaining to them.

  • Boston: Many of H.P. Lovecraft's works take place in or around the area of Boston and Massachusetts.
  • Albany: Another popular setting for Lovecraft's works.
  • Manhattan: The location of several of Lovecraft's stories (e.g. The Horror at Red Hook) as well as a place where Lovecraft lived during his marriage to Sonia Greene. (This should be temple of Brooklyn, not Temple of Bronx)
  • Sleepy Hollow: The setting of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", the story of the Headless Horseman.
  • Bangor: Historical home of the famous scribe, Stephen King.

Mechanics Edit

The Occultists are a pagan religion, and can therefore be reformed the normal way. The head of the reformed faith, the "Supreme Orient", will always be the Theurge (priest) of Boston, and has the same abilities most heads of religion do. Upon reformation, a holy order, known as the Freemasons, will become available to the Occultists.

The faith is seperated into three sects of belief; Elder Lore, which is based off the teachings of H.P. Lovecraft, Masonic Lore, based on the belief of a secret society with magic powers, and Lore of the Diabolical Pact, based on the belief that the ancestors only survived the Event because of this mysterious agreement. Each sect gives characters a +1 and -1 modifier to a certain trait. When the faith is reformed, Occultists are given the option to switch beliefs.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Chaleur
  • Concord
  • Coos
  • Green Mountains
  • Kennebec
  • Mahoosuc
  • Manicouagan
  • Manitou
  • The Migonids
  • Mingan
  • Natashquan
  • Newopies
  • Nipissis
  • Nogad
  • Penobscot
  • Petit-Sault
  • Plymouth
  • Snowbirds
  • Southern Maine
  • White Mountain