Platte is one of the 4 Catholic crowns (Iowa,Comancheria and Rio Bravo are the others), and the rival of Lakotah

Geography Edit

Platte borders to the west and to the south with the tribe of Kickatus, to the south with the catholic duchies of Arkansas and Wichita, to the east, on the other side of the river, lies Iowa, while to the north it borders with Lakotah.

Comancheria is not too far in the south, and the Pope is found sailing down the river. A minor river indicates the border with Lakotah.

Power Edit

Platte is not particularly menacing, but it can stand against Lakotah and the presence of the large but relatively weak nomads of Kickatus and the small distance between the other Catholic kingdoms makes Platte a tough target with the possibility to take big chunks of land from the nearby nomads

Politics Edit

Platte usually expands towards west, completely ignoring the east and the south. This cements the relation between Platte and Iowa, that are likely to ally each other, making Lakotah's life very painful until it gets invaded from the Northern tribes or targeted by the Pope.