Once upon a time, there were two powerful nations that ruled over the world. The mighty and free America, and the dreaded Russia. The two were mortal enemies, each convinced the other would bring about their end. Only the mighty MAD prevented them from destroying each other.

But then America fell to an unknown cataclysm, and it was assumed Russia had as well. But the people of the Far North grow uneasy; and as tales of foreigners arise, old rivalries may be rekindled.

Colonization Edit

Unlike regular invaders, the Russians come without warning. They can attack anyone on the Pacific Coast, and can come multiple times. In the initial attack, they will invade with 3.75K men in three regiments, comprising of Infantry, Cavalry, Pikes, Archers, and Horse Archers. (750 LI/450 HI/600 LC/450 HC/750 A/600 P/150 HA)

Red Dawn Edit

If the Russians are victorious, they will take their targeted duchy (determined before the war), form the Empire of Novorusskiy as a Merchant Republic, gain 6,000 tech points (2,000 of each), and get 5,000 gold for each patrician, to set up their trade empire.