The Rust Cultists are a Pagan Religion centered around the veneration of Old World machines and factories. They are mostly consolidated around the former Rust Belt (Around the Southern Peninsula of Michigan to West Virginia and the area surrounding Pittsburgh).

History Edit

The first Rust Cultist saw one of the factories of the Old World and thought it to be the handiwork of the Gods. The religion spread like wildfire throughout the old Rust Belt, with the worshipers revering the old factories and what was made within, and defended these marvels with their very lives.

There is also a mercenary company based in the Kingdom of The Valley, known as "The Brotherhood of Steel."

Holy Sites Edit

Rust Cultist holy sites are generally located in well-known old centers of industry, including:

  • Newark: The great eastern factory of Newark is one of the oldest of the Old World's manufactories; legends speak of ships the size of castles rolling from its shipyards in a matter of days. Today Newark builds ships much smaller, but no less important.
  • Pittsburgh: Heart of the steel industry, Pittsburgh built the cities and machines of the Old World. Though the means by which Old America turned Pittsburgh into an engine of engines have long been lost, the city's mines and waterways keep it
  • Cleveland: The city of Cleveland was once purportedly so powerful in industrial might that its very water produced fire at a thought. Cleveland today lacks this power, but remains at the heartland of the Rostmann people and the Rust Cultist religion.
  • Detroit: The homeland of the Motowners, Detroit boasts more Old World ruins and finds than almost any other place in the world. It was recently liberated from Canadian rule by the great Coleman Kirkpatrick, and seems poised to retake its dominance in the world of building and shipping.
  • Chicago: The great Queen of the West, Chicago sits at a crossroads of water and land, and those walking along the iron-roads of the Old World will always find themselves passing through. Chicago is hotly contested by many faiths, few of whom have reckoning for its wealth in technological relics.

Mechanics Edit

Rust Cultists may go on salvage expeditions, where they may find Old World relics of varying value, ranging from relatively worthless Old World currency to functional Old World devices, such as telescopes, firearms, or watches.

Rust Cultists may reform their faith, and the reformer becomes the religious head, the High Fabricator, who possesses similar abilities to the Norse Fylkir.

Rust Cultists may take concubines, even if feudal.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Burning River
  • Detroit
  • Erie
  • Geeyem
  • Indianapolis
  • Mahoning
  • Maumee
  • Miami Valley
  • Michiana
  • Midmichigan
  • The Miskahannock
  • Niagara
  • Talbot
  • Transallegheny
  • West Michigan