Santería is an Afro-syncretic religion based on the beliefs of the Yoruba people of West Africa mixed with the Catholic beliefs of the Spanish slavers. Santería, or Devotion to the Saints, worships three aspects of one god; Olodumaré, the Creator, Olorun, who manifests as the Sun, and Olofi, who directly communicates with the Orichás - or "Saints" - and grants them spiritual energy to act as intermediaries between man and God, as well as to help mankind live moral, harmonious lives.

History Edit

Santería, much like Vodun, began as a local West African religion. When Spanish slavers took african slave to their Caribbean colonies, the slaves religion mixed with Catholicism.The new religion spread amongst the colonies, becoming a dominant force.

By 2666, Santería had spread throughout Cuba (sans Gitmo), Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, various Lesser Antilles, and the Republic of Miami. While not the official state religion of the Caribbean Empire, it is by far the most widely practiced.

Holy Sites Edit

Santería Holy Sites are mainly centered on former Spanish colonies in the Caribbean.

  • Havanna
  • Sierra Maestra
  • Santo Domingo
  • San Juan
  • Miami

Mechanics Edit

There is and can exist no religious head of the Santería faith. Practices include vision quests aided by sacramental herbs.