Sedvacantism is a Catholic heresy that does not recognize the authority of the Pope in New Rome, believing the Bishop of Old Rome to be the only true head of the Catholic faith..

In-Game Description Edit

The name Sedevancantists comes from the Latin term 'Sede Vacante', meaning 'the seat is vacant'. Sedevacantists reject the authority of the Pope of New Rome, denying his right to call himself successor of the Pope of Old Rome because it cannot be established if the Papacy of the Old World still exists. Even if it has ceased to exist, they reject the notion that the Bishop of New Rome (St. Louis) could or should have the same authority as the original Pope. They argue that the Primacy of Rome cannot be duplicated merely out of convenience, feel the Bishop of New Rome has no more right to be head of their faith than any other bishop in the land, and call his College of Cardinals a sham and cabal of co-conspirators. Instead, Sedevancantists believe the office of Pope should be considered “vacant” until a true Pope returns, unless it can be confirmed the original Papacy is no more.

Mechanics Edit

As the Sedevacantists do not recognize the Pope in New Rome, and have no contact with Old Rome, they have no formal head of religion.