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The Sol Invicta faith is a Mesoamerican religion derived from Aztec mythology that centers around the worship of a sun goddess. Found in the Zapoteca region of southern Mexico.

History Edit

Sol Invicta is a new religion with Aztec and Catholic influences, based around the worship of the sun goddess and her eternal battle against the evil Dark Father.

Consequently, the clergy is more female oriented than in surrounding faiths.

Holy Sites Edit

Due to sharing derivation from the ancient Aztec religion, Sol Invicta shares the same holy sites with the Mictlantec religion:

  • Suchiapa, in the county of Tuxtla Gutieérrez.
  • Juchipila, in the county of Mixtón.
  • Itzapalapa, in the county of Mexico.
  • Misantla, in the county of Xalapa.
  • Fracciona, in the county of Oaxaca.

As of 2666, only one of the holy sites (Fracciona) is completely under the control of the Sol Invicta faithful.

Mechanics Edit

The Sol Invicta religion has a few in-game mechanics:

  • Women may hold temple holdings.
  • Fleets can navigate major rivers.
  • There is no religious head.

Heresies Edit

The Sol Invicta religion has no heresies.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Juchitán
  • Oaxaca