Strangites are followers of the teachings of James Strang. Considered heathens and hedonists by other Latter Day Saints as they do not follow even the most basic of LDS teachings; allowing women to hold the priesthood, performing animal sacrifices, abandoning the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, not performing baptisms for the dead, and not recognizing the Prophet as a moral figure.

History Edit

Following the martyr of Joseph Smith at Carthage Jail in 1844, a man by the name of James Strang proclaimed himself the next Prophet and managed to convert a small number of people and led them to Beaver Island in Lake Michigan where he proclaimed himself monarch of the island. He was assassinated 12 years later by his own followers as Strang refused to allow anyone to leave the island. The remaining Stangites were eventually forced out by Irish immigrants and were converted back to the main LDS faith upon regrouping with their former brethren. The knowledge of Strang's faith are still known but there are none in 2666.