The Fifty One
D fiftyone
Coat of Arms
The fifty one
Location in the Southwest
Vital statistics
Type Atomicist Agnatic-Cognatic Gavelkind Tribal
Level Duchy
Location Southwest
Inhabitants Unknown

The Fifty One is a ducal level Atomicist tribe located in the deserts of the Southwest. As of July 4th, 2666, It is led by High Chief Allen Grey. Its capital is Groom (341).

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Trivia Edit

  • The title name is a reference to Area 51, a highly secretive US Airforce Base in the Nevada desert vital to many conspiracy theories regarding aliens and UFOs. Furthermore, the capital Groom is a reference to the neighboring dry Groom Lake. Ironically, the Fifty One tribe is located in present day New Mexico rather than Nevada; the actual location of Area 51 is wasteland in-game.
  • The name of the starting ruling dynasty, the Greys, is a reference to the common portrayal of aliens as "greys", little grey men with big heads and eyes but small bodies.