Flagbearer of the High Church, Maritimes is a weak kingdom of the far north

History & Geography Edit

After the conquest of Hudsonia by Elias Rodham, dukes followers of the high Church banded together against the Mahonic, forming the kingdom. With the death in battle of Zadek Mahonic the kingdom was finally free from the Mahonic rule.

The Maritimes are in a peninsula far in the north, bordering only the shattered remains of occultist New England, and some Ursulines in the Northern border. Some brethrens are present in the area, but they are extremely weak, unless they band together under an Admiral they are just unworthy of being noticed. The extremely cold region doesn't allow groups of more than 1500 men without attrition.

Politics Edit

It's surprising how the AI of the Maritimes seems to be inactive and careless of everything is happening around her. The player could form a large Empire just a handful counties away from the kingdoms, but not even marriage offers will arrive. It's also worth noticing that the kingdom never seem to expand even though it's an easy task, maybe the AI is discouraged by the massive attrition of the area. This might very well be the reason why nobody attacks the Maritimes as well. This doesn't mean the kingdom hasn't got its internal struggles. Normally, 2 generations of no expansion and gavelkind will make the ruler weak in comparison of most of its vassals.

Trivia Edit

  • An alternative flag of the Maritimes is found in the mod's files as "k_maritimes_ALT". Its use is unkown
    K maritimes ALT

    The alternative Maritimes flag. Probably it was discarded due to its low resolution