Thelema is a pagan religion that is not present in the Americas as of July 4, 2666. Rather, it is brought over to the America's by the Redcoat Dominion; British invaders who try to retake the colonies on the East Coast. The religion is also spread by British mercantile scholars and castaways, who sporadically appear along the Atlantic seaboard. It is based on the teachings of Occultist Aleister Crowley, who preached "Do what thou whilt shall be the whole of the law".

History Edit

The Thelemic religion, or "Thelema", is a British religion based off the teachings of the early 20th century Occultist Aleister Crowley. As taught by Crowley, the primary law of Thelema is "Do what thou whilt shall be the whole of the law". Crowley was viewed by his followers as a prophet in a new age, the "Aeon of Horus". These "Aeons" worked in a cycle, and the religion heavily borrowed from Egyptian mythology. Thelema also relied upon its own rituals and magick, which drew the ire of the early 20th century established class. During his lifetime, Crowley recording the religious rituals of Thelema in his The Book of Law.

As of the present, not much is known about the Thelemic religion, mostly because anyone who could say anything about it are too busy conquering America to preach. What is known is that it was started in the 19th century by an Aleister Crowley, a famous English Occultist, and it has only one law. "Do what thou whilt".

Holy Sites Edit

The British invaders take their single law to heart, and what the whilt do is conquer the best American cities.

  • Manhattan
  • Washington
  • Boston
  • Toronto
  • Ottowa

Mechanics Edit

As with all Pagan religions, Thelema can be reformed in the usual way. The reformer will become the head of the religion, known as the "Ipsissimus". A Holy Order will also become available on reformation, known as the "Ordo Templi Occidentalis", or O.T.O. for short.