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Uahomche is a Mesoamerican religion based heavily upon the traditional Mayan religion with only minor amounts of outside influence. It is found mainly in the Yucatan and Chiapas in Central America.

History Edit

Uahomche is the broad term for the diverse and varied traditions and beliefs practiced in Central America. However, in practice Uahomche is usually used to refer to the indigenous Mayan religion found deep in the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula and the highlands of Chiapas. Unlike the similar Mayan-derived Neomayan religion, its beliefs are mostly traditional Mayan, with only a very minor amount of Christian influence.

Holy Sites Edit

Since they share derivation from the ancient Mayan religion, Uahomche shares its holy sites with the Neomayan religion.

  • Santa Ana, located in the county of San Salvador.
  • Chan, located in the county of Chan Santa Cruz.
  • Reforma, located in the county of Carmen.
  • Yaxunah, located in the county of Chichén Itzá.
  • Paxcaman, located in the county of Nojpetén.

As of 2666, only one of the holy sites (Suchiapa) is completely under the control of the Uahomche faithful. Two other holy sites (Chan and Paxcaman) are held by lords of the Uahomche faith but are vassals to the king of Yucatan. Meanwhile, the last two holy sites (Santa Ana and Yaxunah) are not held by a member of the Uahomche at all.

Mechanics Edit

The Uahomche faith has two general features in-game, which it shares with the Neomayan faith:

  • Fleets can navigate major rivers.
  • There is no religious head.

Heresies Edit

There is no Uahomche heresies.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Chiapas
  • Colón
  • Guatemala
  • Verapazes
  • Zapata