Yucatàn is the only Neo-Mayan nation in the map, with a lot of challenges to face

Geography Edit

Yucatàn takes up the whole omonimous peninsula, With borders only to the south with duchies and the Caribbean Empire. Many Brethrens are present in the area, with 2 of them very near the border.

The kingdom is terrifingly disunited under the religious aspect. In fact, no one but the king worship the Neo-Mayan Gods

Politics Edit

Often the AI will face a revolt in the first minutes of the game, but it's rare for it to expand. They usually don't take advantage of the Caraibic Spring, if they ever be to attack the Caribbean Empire. This doesn't mean they never expand, it's just unlikely to do so, but still keep your guard raised. Normally, the kingdom start expanding only when 3/4 of it are converted to the state religion. But this expansion can be taken to a early stop when the Kingdom of Honduras rises. Almost in every game, the Marquise of Atalanta manages to form the Kingdom of Honduras, fielding 8k men that always choose to turn against Yucatàn at some point.